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On Site FIBER OPTIC Facilities Review

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Three Benefits Of Eyes On Site


A picture is worth a thousand words and seeing is believing. These old trueisms are even more true today in this world of virtual conferences and computer generated drawings. Being able to look at the site or product or the application may ultimately be the quickest way to convey accurate information as we look at your project with experienced eyes and may see things you see every day and assume that they are normal best practices. We bring our own expertise to evaluate what we see.

Second, we see things through new eyes! We on the other hand have not grown up and or birthed your facility or project and look from a different perspective. We can interact with your staff and ask questions from an outside perspective. In this way we learn things that may not have seemed relevant to the discussion. They may not have seemed important or in question to those who live with them day in and day out. In some cases we may even be able to identify processes or designs that have merit beyond what you may be using them for and suggest ideas and concepts to you and your staff of ways to capitalize on internal concepts or practices that only someone from outside the process will see.

Third, having become intimately aware of a client’s products, processes and challeneges, We can provide quicker answers and support on an ongoing basis without having to restart the familiarity process. Therefore once we have been on site we can set up long term agreements to be available by telephone or e-mail to answer questions on an ad Hoc basis charging for only the time to answer questions when needed. In this way continuing support can be accommodated with a very limited amount of consulting time (Such as one hour per quarter minimums), This would only be possible having seen and interacted with the facility and staff.


Why use Technical Horsepower Consulting?


With over 38+ years in the optical fiber industry we have seen and done many things. From cable and connector design to complete fiber optic cable and assembly factory start-ups in the US and international locations.


The ability to place additional technical horsepower immediately on your problem. Many engineers from various disciplines will need time to come up to speed on the fiber optic cable and cable assembly issues. Even those with some experience can require many weeks or months to become familiar with your problems. We have been involved in many of the same type of issues.


I have worked for large corporations and small. Even starting up my own cable company that grew from the start-up and through several acquisitions became part of one of the largest connectivity companies in the world. We have worked with businesses from individual proprietorships to multinationals and are sensitive to the differing needs of each.


THC Facilities Review



Being able to see the entire process from an outside perspective.

  • Looking at present practices in light of the present state of the art
  • Evaluating readiness for client audits
  • Gauging clients capabilities for adding new processes or products (GAP ANALYSIS)


External Perspective

  • External comparison of best practices.
  • Client audit dress rehearsal
  • Are you using the best process or equipment for the task?


Staff Training and Interaction

  • Ability to have one on one discussions with multiple team members
  • Facilitate peer reviews of processes or products
  • Interactive team training on best practices and demonstrations of different processes.


THC Product Design and Upgrade


With over 38+ years of fiber optic cable and connector experience and over 100 patents either granted or published. We can provide the necessary creative horsepower to move existing projects to completion as well as lead interactive brainstorming sessions with your creative team to extend the options in developing new concepts into products.


THC Product Qualification Support


In today’s world a new mousetrap is only as good as the number of customer qualifications it meets. No matter how different or unique a new product is, without compliance to detailed customer performance specifications it still will sit on your shelf. We can help with onsite support of qualification testing, assisting in third party testing and even be onsite to conduct testing with your customer to help smooth out qualification and test issues as they arise.