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Published Papers


Published Papers


Test Methods for Cables Incorporating Reduced Bend Radius Fibers

As Published in Wire and Cable Asia March 2013; Reprinted in Proceedings of the 59th IWCS/IICIT; International Wire & Cable Symposium


From Optical Cable to Optical Wire – An Evolutionary Approach

As Published in Euro Wire May 2013, Wire Journal International July 2013 and Wire Asia July 2013; Reprinted in Proceedings of the 61st IWCS Conference; International Wire & Cable Symposium


Loose Tight Buffer, Time to Define What We Mean

Published 10.6.15 in the IWCS Proceedings from the 64th International Cable & Connectivity Symposium (2015) by Wayne Kachmar, President Technical Horsepower Consulting LLC. with Fiber Optic Center, Inc.