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  • TRAINING SERVICES THC38+ years of extensive technical experience
  • Comprehensive background and experience
  • Broad experience in fibers, cables, connectors, installation methods and practices, testing
  • Practical, cost effective solutions

In addition to evaluations, THC can provide onsite or remote training services to your staff. There is very little training offered in the process of optical cable manufacture and even less that is unbiased, as most training available is offered by equipment manufacturers who are training you to have a bias to their equipment and processes.

THC can offer custom tailored training to your staff.  This can be in conjunction with an onsite consult for a specific problem or standalone training.  When you have new engineering or quality staff, existing training materials may foster many questions that are not answered as new requirements and technology are introduced. THC can offer a mentorship option to you as well. This option can provide a source that is available to quickly add value to your staff bringing new members up to speed on this rapidly changing technology.

Outside services are a quick way to increase project completions but the usual concern of outside services is that the expertise goes away at the end of the project. This is usually true, however the best possible solution is to embed your own personnel alongside THC’s expert experience. This form of mentorship allows new members of your team to acquire significant experience in purely technical expertise.

At the end of the project you have a valuable new resource that can provide ongoing continuity to the project and has the advantage of training and mentorship from a purely technical perspective. You still retain mentorship of company culture and management practices. In many ways you jumpstart your staff with new input that allows for more cross fertilization of ideas and concepts.

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