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“Wayne Kachmar has the highest level of integrity and professionalism I have observed in anyone in fiber optic communications. He delivers more than his commitments without overstating his capabilities. In fact, he consistently understates his capabilities. It is telling that some government organizations have issued contracts directly to Mr. Kachmar and not to the company for which he worked.

He sees solutions to complex problems by identifying the essential information and properly overlooking information that is irrelevant or of relatively low significance.  He has an accurate assessment of his own understanding and capabilities.   I have seen both the breadth and depth of his knowledge and skills; they cover material properties, methods of modifying those properties through processing, developing manufacturing processes, designing manufacturing equipment, cost effective equipment investment, and justifying capital equipment.  Once, with some exaggeration, I acknowledged this talent in this statement: ”Wayne returns $1000 from a 5¢ investment.”

In summary, potential clients of Horsepower Consulting can expect a level of success that exceeds the level to which Mr. Kachmar commits. In the process, they will come to appreciate, as I have, his knowledge, skills, integrity, and highly professional attitude.”

 Eric R. Pearson, CFOS/T/C/S/I, President - Pearson Technologies Inc.