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hengtongualogoNewport Beach, CA, USA, April 13, 2017 – The formation of Hengtong USA, LLC, an American based optical cable sales and technical support company, was announced at the Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition in Los Angeles (OFC) 2017 based on a collaboration between Hengtong Cable Group of China and Inland Energy, Inc. of California.

Hengtong Cable Group, based in Suzhou, China (near Shanghai) is one of the largest and most successful manufacturers of optical and electric power cable in the world; it currently operates in 120 countries and has more than 13,000 employees worldwide. In its manufacture of power and fiber optic cable (FOC), the company has focused on internationally recognized quality and environmental standards including the ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, national measurement system and United States UL safety certifications; its power cable production capabilities range from medium voltage ( <35 kV) to High and Extra High Voltage (>230 kV) cables; Hengtong’s  state-of-the-art factories in Suzhou are also capable of producing large underground and undersea power cables which have been installed around the world. On the FOC side, Hengtong manufactures its own glass from pre-forms and its communication fiber optic cable products meet the requirements of European ROHS directive and its FOC products are currently used by British Telcom, China Telecom, Telmex  and other major communication operators, as well as virtually every area of specialized communication networks, including aerospace, power, radio and television, national defense, and marine engineering.

Inland Energy Inc., located in Newport Beach, CA for more than 28 years, is a well-respected developer of major power plants of all kinds – solar, wind, waste-to-energy as well as natural gas and waste coal. Inland’s key people have been involved in financing and permitting power generation facilities in more than a dozen states and several countries. The award winning 830 MW High Desert Power Plant in Victorville, CA is one of Inland’s most prominent successes. All of these projects have involved significant transmission line and fiber optic communication cable components.

The newly announced, Hengtong USA, LLC (Hengtong USA), has developed an aggressive sales program in the U.S. for its power and fiber optic cables.  All Hengtong USA products are designed and built to U.S. standards, and tested by U.S. agencies. Initially, production will be provided through Hengtong’s international facilities to capitalize upon manufacturing and cost efficiencies.   Hengtong USA is rapidly ramping up its American sales force and establishing its U.S. distribution and service facilities. . Hengtong’s power cables are currently undergoing extensive testing at the NEETRAC facilities located at Georgia Tech in Atlanta and its FOC products are similarly completing testing at Experior Labs in Oxnard, CA as well as Underwriter’s laboratories (UL).

During the week of OFC 2017, Hengtong USA, after retaining the services of Technical Horsepower Consulting, LLC (Wayne Kachmar), held meetings to ensure the procedures required to successfully supply the American market with FOC are being fully complied with. The FOC Hengtong USA is currently marketing has been designed to meet American standards and installation performance guidelines. In addition, the cables designed and built for the American market are tested to Telcordia GR 20 or GR 409 for performance validation. Those cables, for use in indoor applications, are   UL Listed to appropriate safety standards such as optical fiber riser (OFNR) and Plenum (OFNP).

On the FOC side, Hengtong USA is pleased to announce an affiliation with Technical Horsepower Consulting, LLC. (THC). THC is an international high technology consulting company incorporated by Wayne Kachmar and built on his 40 years of optical cable industry experience.  Mr. Kachmar has participated in many innovations and seen the maturing of the industry. As a principal investigator for many government sponsored projects, he has developed methods that push the state of the art in optical cable design and manufacture. Over his career, he has been able to fuse this state of the art knowledge with conventional fiber cable design to significantly cost reduce both materials and processes.  With over 50 granted patents in fiber optic cables, connectors and tools and more than 60 patents published or in process, Wayne is one of the most experienced engineers in this field.  In 2015, Wayne incorporated his consulting company Technical Horsepower Consulting, LLC and joined Fiber Optic Center, Inc. as their Optical Cable Technical Expert.

For further information contact: Hengtong USA, 3501 Jamboree Rd, South Tower Suite 606 , Newport Beach, CA 92660 . 949-856-2200. Email: mfulton@inlandenergy.com   

For media contact: Michael Fulton. Email: mfulton@inlandenergy.com

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