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North Bennington, VT, USA, September 14, 2016 Technical Horsepower Consulting, LLC. (THC), an international leader in consultation and technical training in the areas of optical cable, optical sensors, and cable/connector interface, announces Wayne M. Kachmar’s schedule at the 65th IWCS International Cable & Connectivity Symposium in Providence, RI, October 2-5, 2016.

Mr. Kachmar’s schedule is announced as follows:

Divergence of Standards and Application Based Performance Group Discussion

Group Discussion to facilitate gathering input from industry insiders about the divergence of standards and application based performance. Specific focus on indoor cabling standards such as GR-409, (a pure cable standard) and GR-326 (a connector and cable assembly standard), and how these presently relate to connectorized cable assemblies.

Points of discussion:

  • Should we push for harmonization of the two standards so a 409 compliant cable will work on a 326 assembly?
  • Is the time right to add another section to the GR-409 standard separating cable types as direct connectorization or purely building installation with fusion splices?

Presently there is a lot of discord between assembly houses and cable manufacturers about meeting standards. If cable assembly categories were to be developed then the question is what additional tests need to be added / developed. (i.e. buffer push back force and distance)

The goal of this type of discussion would be to gather input and interest in generating a paper for IWCS 2017.

Date and time: October 3, 2016, 3pm

Location: Booth 421


So You Want To Start a Cable Company / Add a Cable Making Division

Everyone who ever sees the amount of optical cable being deployed seems to think there is a shortage of cable. In reality there are seasonal and market fluctuations that cause shortages. While there are many who want to look at starting a cable operation, there are a few basic questions that need to be answered before you even start to talk to the cable making equipment manufacturers.

This short talk, presented by Mr. Wayne M. Kachmar, will include a simple handout that outlines the basic questions that anyone contemplating starting a cable operation needs to answer just to define the boundaries of a business plan.

Date and time: October 4, 2016, 11am

Location: Booth 421


How To Get The Most Out Of A Technical Consultant

A quick overview of what a consultant can and cannot do as well as the way to get the best bang for your consultant dollar. Defining the task you want accomplished is only the beginning.   How to determine how you want the consultant to function in your company culture, project leader, mentor, outside viewpoint, will be discussed. A short talk on how to best focus a consultant for the job you have at hand.

Date and time: October 4, 2016, 4pm

Location: Booth 421


Cable Strength Member to Connector Analysis

Third paper in the morning session about 8:50 am.

Traditional cable designs for patchcord and other connectorized cables rely upon aramid yarns and conventional crimp type interfaces to provide strength member anchors.

This is both a legacy process from the earliest optical cable terminations and a departure from copper cable termination where the conductor itself added tensile strength.

Session: 13

Date and time: October 5, 2016, 8:00 AM – 11:25 AM

Location: TBA


The 65th IWCS International Cable & Connectivity Symposium is being held in Providence, RI October 2-5, 2016.  IWCS organizes the International Cable & Connectivity Symposium for the exchange of information about product, material and process innovation for cabling and connectivity solutions and for the development of industry professionals through education and scholarships.  Online registration for the 2016 IWCS Conference is now open. (http://bit.ly/29gZQyF)

IWCS organizes the International Cable & Connectivity Symposium for the exchange of information about product, material and process innovation for cabling and connectivity solutions and for the development of industry professionals through education and scholarships.

Technical Horsepower Consulting, LLC.’s booth is located at 421 in partnership with Fiber Optic Center, Inc.  Wayne M. Kachmar will be based from this location during show hours.  For an appointment, please contact Kathleen Skelton at kskelton@focenter.com.

The IWCS International Cable & Connectivity Symposium covers new technologies in wire, cable and connectivity products, processes and applications and generates over 100 papers and presentations in 20 sessions over three days.

Future updates on paper content, appointments and IWCS news can be followed @TechHorsepower.

About Technical Horsepower Consulting, LLC.

Technical Horsepower Consulting, LLC. (THC) is an international high technology consulting company.  THC was incorporated by Wayne Kachmar and built on his 38+ years of optical cable industry experience.  Wayne Kachmar has participated in many innovations and seen the maturing of the industry. Over the years, Wayne has been involved in many unique projects to provide optical cable in diverse environments such as the underwater ROV that penetrated the Titanic, as well as cable that is in service sensing sub-atomic particles in the Antarctic ice. Wayne developed a number of unique concepts and products using optical fibers as both information carriers and sensors where the cable became the sensor. These have included fiber laser ring gyroscope components and distributed acoustic sensors for terrestrial and underwater applications. As a principal investigator for many government sponsored projects, he has developed methods that push the state of the art in optical cable design and manufacture. Over his career, he has been able to fuse this state of the art knowledge with conventional fiber cable design to significantly cost reduce both materials and processes.  With over 50 granted patents in fiber optic cables, connectors and tools and over 60 patents published or in process, Wayne’s path to TE Connectivity started when he founded and ran Northern Lights Cable, Inc. in 1988.   He sold the company to Prestolite Wire in late 1997 continuing as division CEO until 2000. In 2000, Prestolite Wire was packaged with other holdings of the owner to become GenTek (a publicly held company), which also acquired Krone that year. Wayne’s position transitioned to Director of R&D, managing the RD&E center. In 2004, all Krone divisions were acquired by ADC who itself was acquired by TE in December 2010.  In 2012, Wayne was named a TE Fellow in electro-optic engineering based on the length and depth of his technical knowledge and accomplishments. This is the highest technical title within the TE structure with less than 20 persons worldwide out of 8000 scientists and engineers within TE.  In 2015, Wayne incorporated his consulting company Technical Horsepower Consulting, LLC. and joined Fiber Optic Center, Inc. as their Optical Cable Technical Expert.

For further information contact: Technical Horsepower Consulting, LLC., 514 Oredbed Road, North Bennington, VT 05257 . Direct 802-379-1130  Email: wkachmar@focenter.com   For media contact: Kathleen Skelton, C: 617-803-3014 . E: kskelton@focenter.com

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